OMass Therapeutics


OMass | Oxford Business Park


Approx. 16,500 sq. ft.


28 weeks

Project Goal

“Interrogating not just the target but how it interacts with its native ecosystem.”

OMass Therapeutics is a private pharmaceutical company, focused on structural mass spectrometry to discover novel medicines.

OMass Therapeutics identify new medicines against highly validated but inadequately drugged targets using novel biochemistry techniques, native mass spectrometry and custom chemistry. They distil biology to its essential elements – physical interactions within a native ecosystem – to deliver cell-system fidelity and cell-free precision.

Our task was to deliver OMass Therapeutic’s new HQ & R&D facility at the Oxford Business Park over two storeys. The works involved a cluster of different functional laboratories on the ground floor and associated offices on the first floor.

We also helped OMass in the design and delivery of a brand new laboratory, click below to see the results.

Laboratory Case Study

Skills & Results

ARC commissioned Bulb to design and deliver OMass’s new HQ at their Chancellor Court building.

The independent building with refreshed façade consists of ground-floor laboratories for different functions such as molecular biology, tissue culture, structural biology, chemistry, and pharmacology. The highlight of their research focus is Mass Spectrometry. We delivered a highly bespoke lab space to host all the spectrometers with a fully glazed front wall for potential visitors.

Laboratory services included a ventilation strategy, humidity control, walk-in cold rooms, specialist lighting, vulcathene drainage, cryostorage and common & specialist gases distribution. Two ducted fume cupboards and a vented enclosure were also installed.

The first floor comprised a modern open office, select cellular offices, meeting rooms, quiet rooms, a well-being room, and a stunning breakout/recreation area.

The Bulb team enjoyed working with the OMass team in creating the most efficient and effective layout for their facilities and was pleased that the client was delighted with the outcome.

Photo Credit: Gary Mills, Saw Mill Films