Refeyn | Oxford


9000 sq. ft.


16 weeks

Project Goal

Refeyn was spun out of Oxford University in 2018 with the goal to make mass photometry available to the scientific community. The opportunity around their unique technology has attracted a passionate team of people who collectively have spent decades developing and commercialising microscopes and other analytical instrumentation.

Their mission is to realise the full potential of mass photometry, making it widely available to the scientific, industrial and biomedical community; enabling its users to achieve better outcomes; and pushing the frontiers of what it can do and where it can be used.

The project involved the design and conversion of a single storey warehouse into CL2 labs on the ground floor and offices, meeting rooms, WCs, shower, and breakout spaces on the new first floor with an open balcony accessed via a single span staircase from the open-plan office, meeting rooms, plant rooms.

Skills & Results

Bulb worked with the client team to complete a tendered conceptual design which included installing an automatic smoke curtain to the open 1st floor balcony and enhanced fire lobby to accommodate the open 1st floor area and satisfy the Fire Consultant.

The restricted site and proximity of residential properties provided challenges that were overcome with splitting the plant areas within the building’s footprint and locating the noisier plant away from the neighbours

The laboratories included laser-safe curtains to smaller cubicles, compressed air, local extraction points, benching, shelving & storage units

Small external works comprised replacement floodlighting, new drainage connections and path and carpark reinstatement

Photo Credit: Gary Mills, Saw Mill Films