Ivy Farm


Ivy Farm | Oxford Business Park, Oxford


18,000 sq ft.


24 weeks, in two phases

Project Goal

Leading the UK’s cultivated meat revolution, Ivy Farm use novel cell technology created by the University of Oxford to grow real meat that’s free from slaughter and free from antibiotics.

Their cultivated real meat, also known as lab-grown meat, is made by taking a small number of cells from farm raised animals & multiplying them to make delicious, minced meat.

An exciting revolution in food and a ‘must’ for preserving the planet.

The project was to convert the first floor of the building into bespoke office and collaboration space and create test & showcase kitchens on the ground floor. Also designed and delivered to the ground floor was a compliant laboratory for cell technology research, analysis and space to scale up the production of laboratory meat through bioengineering.

Skills & Results

Bulb were delighted to team up with ARC (formerly Arlington) to design & deliver Ivy Farm’s new bespoke HQ at Oxford Business Park.

The project was delivered in two phases.

The first phase involved design & delivery of research, development, and production areas on the ground floor. View the first phase here.

The recently completed second phase shown here, included office and collaboration spaces and showcase, test and media kitchens for visitors and developing recipes.

The fit-out works involved, an impressive foyer area with a feature moss wall extending to the first floor. One arm of the first floor opened to a modern reception area, followed by a vibrant breakout room, kitchen and town hall area with a large projector screen. The other side included, open office desking, solo working spaces, informal working enclosures and various size meeting and conference rooms.

A stunning space for test and showcase kitchen was created at the ground floor with functional kitchen and a viewing window to the production lab.

Throughout the facility, Ivy Farm values, branding and ethos are reflected in colours, materials, furniture, and fittings.

Photo Credit: Gary Mills, Saw Mill Films