Fluorok / Advanced Research Clusters (ARC)


Fluorok / Advanced Research Clusters (ARC) | Building 7400, Oxford Business Park


Approx. 2,000 sq. ft.


12 weeks

Project Goal

Fluorok are revolutionising the way fluorochemicals are produced worldwide. Their mission is to develop hydrogen fluoride free fluorination processes for a better world. Their scientists are currently working to further develop and scale up our technology to broaden its applications and expand its impact on the world.


Our task: Acting on behalf of Advanced Research Clusters (ARC), we designed and delivered CL2 lab space (and associated office space) with specific emphasis on Fluorok’s requirement for multiple fume cupboards in a relatively small area.

Skills & Results

Bulb were appointed as main contractor to design and deliver the lab and office space within a previously completed CAT A Office Space.

The laboratory design was developed alongside Fluorok to ensure that their requirement for multiple fume cupboards and ancillary equipment would not only physically fit within the space but the associated HVAC requirements could also be satisfied. Due to the space restrictions within the building an external AHU was installed.

Fluorok required a combination of standard, height adjustable and walk-in ducted fume cupboards to carry out their synthesis and scale-up work. The laboratory layout had to allow sufficient circulation for people and material movement around them. A new goods-in door was created with separate and safe access to the delivery area. Due to the nature of their work, an emergency shower was installed.

The development of Fluorok’s laboratory equipment list, resulted in the discovery of a shortfall in available power within the building, this then lead to the requirement for a power upgrade. This was carried out in association with ARC and a network provider.

Photo Credit: Gary Mills, Saw Mill Films