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Laboratory Fit-out & Refurbishment

Laboratory fit-out and refurbishment raises specific challenges and often means works must take place in a controlled environment. With our experience of delivering projects within the scientific, healthcare and technology markets, Bulb Interiors bring together a team of experienced specialists to provide a ‘turnkey’ solution for the design and installation of your new laboratory facility.

We develop a compliant fit-out or refurbishment package to suit your needs and budget and can provide advice and guidance throughout the project.

Whether you have specific health and safety considerations, require safe, secure storage for chemicals, bio hazardous materials or need to develop a clean room environment we have the expertise to deliver the solution.

Laboratory Key Features:

Design & Implementation, Process & Operational Assessment, Mechanical & Electrical Services, Industry Standard Compliance, Clean Air Equipment, Specialist Finishes.


Bulb Interiors - Oxitec laboratory fit out

Laboratory fit-out and refurbishment

Modern Laboratory Needs:

Rapidly changing technology, research and working style landscapes demand new dimensions in laboratory design & delivery. In addition to mandatory health and safety we have identified the latest needs of modern laboratories as,

Flexibility – An ability to scale up or down the operations by moving the furniture around.

Connectivity – Immediate access to internet, wireless, data points and video conferencing facilities.

Eco-friendly – Sustainability and environment friendly material, methodologies and disposal.

Collaborative – Collaboration spaces for different group sizes to cater increasing trend of workforce working in project teams.


Bulb Approach:

Driven by our consultative approach our prime objective is always to deliver a high quality solution. This is achieved by spending time gaining a clear understanding of your goals and being prepared to challenge pre-existing ideas where necessary.

You can bring us in at the beginning of the project to develop concepts and designs but we are equally suited to provide a build and fit-out service from designs provided.

Our 3 step Laboratory Fit-out Process is,

  1. Define Client Needs
  2. Design, Plan &  Procure
  3. Develop, Deliver & Cost Control
Laboratory fit-out and refurbishment

1. Define Client Needs:

In this first and the most important stage, we will spend time to understand your project in detail to ensure complete customisation.

Careful consideration is given to the function of the laboratory, hazard identification and mitigation, laboratory equipment needs, the degree of flexibility required and staff number (current and future).

Laboratory design plays a fundamental and critical part in ensuring that laboratories are safe places to work, we can provide expert advice on the choice of right building and guidance regarding,

Laboratory Design:

Effective space planning & advisory services, building works & structural alteration, health & safety, storage & refrigeration, data & communications. Establish client drivers for the project e.g. new ways of working, branding, staff motivation, and budget priorities.

Develop Specifications:

Mezzanine floors, suspended ceilings, pipework, plumbing & drainage systems, wash-up areas, dry & wet services, special containment worktops, power requirements, electrical wiring & lighting design, emergency & back-up power and security systems.

Furniture & Equipment:

Laboratory & office furniture selection & installations, pre-fabricated or customised, specialist equipment fabrication. A range of equipment suppliers in Life & Chemical Sciences.

Clean Air Equipment:

Fume extraction, supply air & ventilation, air make-up, custom ventilation enclosures/devices, full air conditioning.

Once needs are established, modifications in the design can be discussed so that the end result will fit your budget.

2. Design, Procure & Plan:

This stage of the process involves a collaboration between a team of expert designers and skilled contractors to produce quality designs to meet even complex specifications.

By sourcing quality materials from leading manufacturers we can ensure that every installation is of the appropriate standard and quality. As an example, one of the key decisions in fitting your new laboratory is identifying the right benchtop, flooring and furniture finish to meet both your needs and budget for your application. From chemical resistant laminate tops, to thermosetting resin benchtops (such as Trespa Top Lab), polymeric benchtops (such as Corian) and stainless steel, we will provide you with the most appropriate options through our established supplier network.

The development of initial designs and budgets allows the client to proceed with confidence in securing the right building and setting realistic budgets. Bulb will tender all major elements of the project and provide both value for money and cost certainty to the scheme.

3. Develop, Deliver & Cost Control:

The strong basis of our fit-out services is,

Good Planning

We endeavour to ensure that the client is involved in the whole process from design & layout to material selection, and choosing colour schemes. We value engineer every project so you get the best value and strict cost control so you never receive unexpected surprises. We work with architects, site & project managers and subcontractors to co-ordinate activities and ensure a smooth project installation. Acting as a single point of contact saves you time and effort.

Clear Communication

Open and structured communication with key stakeholders is the heartbeat of every successful project. We will continually update you during the fabrication and installation stages, ensuring you are kept abreast of our progress, costs and expected date of completion.

Construction & Scientific Expertise

The Team is experienced in complex laboratory fit-out and is flexible enough to meet any variations that can occur during a project. We have a scientific specialist on the team with hands-on laboratory experience, so we understand the workflows and technical terminologies.

We always strive to deliver on time, on budget in the most professional manner and are proud of our repeat business and long-standing relationships with clients. Check out our Resources page for downloadable literature.

Any questions? Get in touch with our Laboratory Specialist, Dr Manisha Kulkarni at manishak@bulbinteriors.com or leave a message below.

Our past projects cover Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Petrochemical, Food & Beverage, IT and Healthcare industries.
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