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Optimising Business Performance


Whether you are in the Science, Media, IT, Defence, Finance or Charity sector, if you are currently thinking of moving to a new location or your space just no longer works for you and needs re-invention, our experienced consultants are on hand to guide you through the whole process.

Our consultancy process identifies the key factors and requirements associated with your own unique work environment. Our staged approach seeks to optimise the performance of your workspace.

From staff consultation through to presenting concepts through mood boards, Bulb brings a partnership approach to project delivery to ensure the journey is enjoyable for everyone involved.

Bulb Interiors office fit-out - Brief stage

Data Gathering

Office consultancy - data gathering
Our reputation is founded on delivering exactly what our clients really need.

Our workplace consultancy begins with really getting to know your business. We conduct interviews with key employees, carry out time & motion studies, examine the visitor experience and determine the project’s key objectives. We investigate future plans for expansion, the current level of usage of work space and meeting rooms, departmental interactions, the importance of teamwork, the flow of personal communication and the need for collaborative and relaxation areas.

We determine the daily activities, assess any specific technology and storage requirements and propose tangible ways to improve efficiency. We want to help you inspire your people, to work more effectively and to plan where your business will be in the future.

Scheme Development

Good space planning is the key to inspirational workplaces.

Successful space planning requires a lot of thought. Luckily our consultants know a thing or two about space.

By producing a detailed analysis of the needs of your work practice, now and into the future, we configure the internal space around you. By taking an insightful approach to space planning, we address a wide range of issues including the need for open and agile working space, designated private areas, the size of departmental teams and any current obstructions affecting the permeability of the space, such as walls and columns.

We then create floor plans, elevations and 3D visualisations of office layouts paying particular attention to your budgetary and scheduling brief.

Consultancy scheme development -Bulb Interiors

Building Appraisal

Building appraisal
Ensuring your new workplace is the best & most cost effective option.

Whether you are looking to relocate or reconfigure your existing workplace to support your company’s future plans, our consultancy service carefully surveys your shortlisted buildings, bringing new eyes and expertise to the table. We can help you to save both time and money by providing the information you need to make informed decisions.

Our experienced consultants will help you to identify the attributes of the building and assess its space efficiency, technical capability and level of adaptability. We will outline long term running costs and provide you with a Cost / Benefits analysis.  

Technical Appraisal

Detailed analysis enabling informed decisions.

We know that the successful performance of any business is underpinned by an efficient and up-to-date building infrastructure. Our detailed technical appraisal will assess your individual business requirements, acknowledging how these are likely to develop and accurately assess the new infrastructure; for seamless integration and future-proofing.

Other important factors to consider are thermal comfort, indoor air quality, and lighting design. Utilising air conditioning & electrical surveys and in depth technical appraisals, our specialists are able to assess and determine the best ways to maximise the performance of your prospective new work space or refurbishment.

We also determine energy-saving features, electrical capacity & any load bearing capability relevant to specialist activities established whilst developing the client brief.

Office technical appraisal


furniture Appraisal
Informed, impartial advice on all your furniture requirements.

Office furniture design is central to work space efficiency. As part of our furniture appraisal service, we carefully evaluate your requirements and deliver perfectly tailored workstation and storage solutions for your space and processes.

Offering totally independent advice we’ll help you source the perfect furniture solutions for your space, or guide you on bespoke furniture such as built in storage cupboards and custom made reception areas. We’ll also assess any existing furniture and its suitability for reuse.

A storage audit and analysis of your departmental workflows and working practices will ensure that at the fitout stage we are able to deliver interior furniture solutions that reflect your brief and budget and allow your staff to work in perfect harmony with their surroundings.

Budgets & Programmes

Clarity, transparency & peace of mind.

As part of our consultancy service, we will determine the timescales and create a detailed programme and schedule of costs for completion of works within the budget that you have set aside.

We provide you with clear information and knowledge to allow informed decision-making from the very start and provide certainty of cost and time frames.

By offering project management, we are able to offer a single point of responsibility for your project. We achieve excellent results for our clients at very affordable prices with faster completion times.

Budgets and programmes for office fit outs